You can use Excel’s Lookup functions to build a worksheet that can be used to search a database table. For example, say you’ve imported the following table from your Access database to Sheet2 of your Excel workbook:

To build a worksheet that can be used to look up an intern’s pay rate by entering the intern’s ID, follow these steps:

  1. Open the workbook, click the Sheet2 tab, and select the range A2:H5.
  2. Click in the Name box, type Interndata, and then press [Enter].
  3. Click on the Sheet1 tab.
  4. Click cell D6 and enter Employee ID.
  5. Click cell D8 and enter Name.
  6. Click cell E8 and enter the following function:
=VLOOKUP(E6,Interndata,3,FALSE)&" "&VLOOKUP(E6,Interndata,2,FALSE)
  1. Click in D10 and enter Pay Rate.
  2. Click in E10 and enter the following function:
  1. Change the cell format of E6, E8, and E10 to match the data type of the data in the table.
  2. Add a header and formatting as shown here.

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