Okay, we all love WarGames, and nearly all of us identified with the cathartic joy that David Lightman felt in that film when he playfully simulated the nuking of Las Vegas. Now, thanks to a clever Google Maps hack from CarlosLabs, you too can experience the insidious glee of fake-nuking any address in the United States (presumably without accidentally enticing a military supercomputer into provoking World War III).

Choose from a host of famous warheads, including the Fat Man and Little Boy bombs that ended World War II to the Tsar Bomba that the Soviets used to frighten the world. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, this app goes to 11, which is to say you can also simulate an extinction-level asteroid impact, which makes all our man-made weapons of mass destruction look like so many piddly firecrackers. Enjoy.

(Found via io9.)