A commonly used feature to help sort incoming mail is the
trusty label feature. Used to help bring sanity to the chaos that is your
inbox, it technically was designed for use within the context of a single user.
The nice thing though is that, for those that crave a group-friendly method for
sharing messages using the labels system, you can step up to the next level
with Grexit for all Gmail and Google Apps accounts.

What it is

Grexit is an online service
which supercharges your existing labels system and offers Amazon cloud storage
for shared correspondence. Simply put. You can form groups of Gmail users that
can access the exact same mail filtered within a Grexit label, making this
great for team projects, sales management, recruitment, and more. Whenever a message
that fits the label criteria is intercepted at any point, Grexit automatically
syncs the email and pushes it out to other authorized accounts.

Product Information:

  • Title: Grexit
  • Author: Grexit Inc.
  • URL: http://grexit.com
  • Price: Free and paid tiers
    (starting at $24/mo)

Signing up was fairly simple. I accepted the free, no-risk
30-day trial, then provided my access credentials to my custom Google Apps
domain email. Then, after clicking through a few introductory dialogs, I landed
on the dashboard, where I was able to tweak some settings and change my preferences
for how Grexit labels are handled. Adding users is easy too. All you do is send
Grexit invites to your co-workers (to Google-based email accounts only) and
have them connect right in.

After I selected my users, I created a test label and set
the filter criteria to intercept mail coming from a subject line
“Nancy”. After a test message was sent to my email account, I saw the
message show up as visible and accessible between the two test email accounts I
had configured. Now let’s say this email was to be assigned to someone in
particular. You can create yet another Grexit label that can say something like
“Assigned to Dave” and only the individual who is tied to this label
will see it as something he needs to take action on, while filtering out the message
from everyone else’s’ inbox.

Sorting and organizing

Where I can see Grexit becoming a fantastic product is for
effectively sorting support tickets. Gone are the days of having to figure out
which support tickets from clients go where, since the intelligent label
tracking system will easily pick up the key words you specify and farm out the
messages to the correct support centers. Then your support teams can spend more
time tackling their clients’ issues and less time sorting messages out by hand.
Keep in mind, sharing labels can easily be done from your favorite mail client,
like Outlook, and not just from the webmail interface.

Now getting back to the free trial, you are able to have unlimited
labels and 2GB of shared cloud storage at your disposal during that time. If
you decide you want to keep Grexit, but not pay, a free tier is available which
only allows for a rather crippled user count of three as well as a maximum of
five custom labels at any one time. The paid tiers are definitely worth
consideration if you plan on actually using Grexit seriously. With plans
starting at $24 a month for five users with unlimited labels, you can scale up
as your needs increase over time at fairly decent prices.

If you are in charge of a large enterprise, their most
expensive package costs you about $199 a month for 100 users, with each
additional user for $3 extra. Even with that expenditure, Grexit could
conceivably save you money in the long run and pay you back in frustration-free
sharing and ensuring all the right parties are notified. All in all, you can’t
go wrong with Grexit and I strongly suggest giving it a try today. If you have
any other email-based collaboration systems you would like to share with us,
feel free to voice your thoughts in the comments.