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When you compose letters in Word, there’s an easy way to add a
personal touch to your business correspondence. Word 2002’s Handwriting
Recognition feature allows you to use a pen and electronic tablet or a mouse to
add a signature to your documents.

Follow these steps to add your signature to your documents:

  1. Position
    the cursor where you want your signature to appear.
  2. Press
    the Handwriting button on the Language toolbar.
  3. Press
    Writing Pad and hit the Ink button.
  4. Move
    the pointer into the Writing Pad window. The pointer is now a pen.
  5. Press the the pen on your electronic tablet or, if using the mouse, press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to write your name. After a slight pause, your signature will appear as a
    graphic object at the cursor position.
  6. Close
    the Writing Pad window.

Now you can now select your signature and apply character
formatting to change its color, its size (by selecting a larger font), or make
it bold or italicized.

Note: If the
Language bar is not visible in Word, open the Windows Control Panel and follow
these steps:

  1. Double-click
    Regional And Language Options.
  2. Click
    the Languages tab and press the Details button.
  3. Select
    Handwriting Recognition, and then click the Add button.
  4. Press
    the Language Bar button.
  5. Select
    the Show The Language Bar On The Desktop checkbox.
  6. Click
    OK to close all dialog boxes.