Use Lookout for fast searching of Outlook item

Microsoft add-in lets you search the entire contents of your mailbox in less than a second

You've heard it before. You've heard the user coming back from vacation lament that she has 237 new mail messages in just two days. Multiple that by a few months, and you're looking at tens of thousands of messages.

I've talked before about the use of desktop search tools to help your users more easily find mail. E-mail organization is critical to being able to find that lone message later on. Personally, I make liberal use of Outlook rules to appropriately place much of my mail. I have a folder for mail coming to me from my staff, and other folders for e-mail from various vendors and lists. That said, finding mail can still be a chore.

Microsoft has purchased a small company that makes an Outlook add-in named Lookout. From the Lookout web site, "Lookout is an extension to Microsoft Outlook for doing really fast searches. With Lookout installed, you can search the entire contents of your mailbox in less than a second." This is generally a whole lot faster than searching manually, or even using Outlook's built-in search.

For more information, or to download Lookout for free, visit

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