There are a number of ways to design absolute references in formulas. For example, in an order form, you might use a Lookup function to determine the shipping charges from a shipping table, as shown here.

If you use the cell range for the table (F3:G8) in your Lookup function, you have to enter it as $F$3:$G$8 to make it absolute. But if you use a named range to reference the table, the reference is already absolute. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the cell range F3:G8 for the shipping charges table.
  2. Click in the Name text box, type Shipping, and press [Enter].
  3. Click in cell L2 and type =VLOOKUP(K2,Shipping,2)
  4. Copy the formula in L2 to L4.

The results of the formulas are shown below:

Note that using named ranges eliminates having to change the functions if the location of the shipping charges table changes.

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