After running into a drive mapping problem, TechRepublic
member recently
posted his issue in the Technical
: “I have a Windows NT 4.0 (PDC) environment. I have five or
six Windows 2000 servers on my network. I just created another Windows 2000
server and called it server1. I’m sharing a folder with 2 GB of files on
server1. I have it shared to “Everyone” with read-only permissions. I
have a strange situation. From most client computers – Windows 98, 2000, and XP
Pro – I can see server1 on the network and map to it. However, on one Windows
XP Pro computer I can see server1 on the network but when I click on it or try
to map to it, I get the following: ‘Logon error 1331 has occurred – Logon
failure: Account currently disabled.’ I checked the PDC server and the account
is not disabled. Everything appears fine there. Any help with this would be


The resolution came from BFilmFan, who posted, “I would suggest using NETDOM to reset
the computer account’s secure channel to the PDC. I’ve seen that error before
where the RPC communications with the NT 4 PDC has failed from the XP

The Netdom.exe tool is available as part of the Support
Tools in Windows XP. To install it, go into the \Support\Tools folder on the
Windows XP installation CD (or a Windows XP Service Pack CD) and run the
installer. For earlier versions of Windows, Netdom.exe is part of the Windows
resource kits.

To reset the secure channel with the PDC, use the netdom reset command (to see the command
options, run netdom reset /?). One
example would be:

netdom reset
/domain:your-domain /server:your-pdc

For more information on this error message, see:

Knowledge Base Article Q263936: “Logon Failure: Account Currently


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