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Use NewSID to modify a cloned server's SID on your Windows Server 2003 network

Here's a shortcut for when you want to deploy your Windows Servers 2003. With NewSID, you can clone a base security identifier (SID) and give each new server its own identity.

There are multitudes of ways you can quickly deploy new Windows Servers 2003 without having to go through the full installation process. Particularly when it comes to using virtualization and creating a base image for a server system, you'll need to go through the process of modifying the system's security identifier (SID) or you'll wreak havoc on your Windows Server 2003 network.

Microsoft's deployment tools are very good about handling this detail, but other cloning methods are not always able to handle this task.

Sysinternals' free utility, NewSID, aims to help you correct this problem. NewSID generates a random SID for the computer and replaces every occurrence of the old SID with the new one. NewSID can also change the name of the computer, which is useful if you've cloned a complete base image.

To automatically execute NewSID and change the name of your server from the command line execute:

newsid /a [new_name]

After a reboot, your computer will have the name you specify and a unique SID.

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