One area where Outlook Express handily beats Outlook is with
the reading of newsgroup messages and posting to newsgroups. Even though web
forums and other mechanisms have largely replaced the traditional newsgroup,
many companies still rely heavily on newsgroups for their support and customer
forums. Further, many people continue to make use of newsgroups for all kinds
of communications. With such heavy reliance by many people on Outlook, lack of
this NNTP support can be a serious shortcoming. This shortcoming also means
that you may have to support a separate news client on your user’s PCs. You
could simply have them use Outlook Express, but this product could open up your
environment to problems, not to mention the help desk implications.

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And, some organizations don’t want to use, or can’t use,
Exchange’s newsgroup functionality.

Enter MAPILab’s NNTP for Outlook. I use this
program in Outlook on my home machine to support a number of different
newsgroups, and it works very well.

This add-in for Outlook adds true MAPI-based NNTP support to
Outlook, and allows you to create newsgroup accounts in Outlook in the same way
that you would create any other account in Outlook.

NNTP for Outlook is available in a 30-day trial download from

The installation is very straightforward and a complete help
file is included.