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A critical step in choosing any IT solution is determining whether a gap exists between your current solution’s capabilities and your organization’s future requirements. If you establish that a gap exists, your next step is to determine if the solution you’re researching meets your organization’s future requirements.

How to use this tool
Requirements tab: This worksheet lists key requirements that your organization should want from the solution you are researching. For each requirement, indicate whether your organization’s current solution meets the requirement and whether your organization would like the technology you’re researching to meet that requirement in the future.

Gap Report tab: When you’ve completed the information on the Requirements tab, the tool will pull the information into the Gap Report worksheet, illustrating whether a gap exists in your organization’s current status and future needs for each of the requirements listed on the Requirements tab. Where a gap exists, the Gap Report will include a solution that specifies how the technology you’re researching can help you meet that requirement.

Solution Benefits tab: The Solution Benefits worksheet specifies how the solution you’re researching can help you meet each of the requirements on the Requirements tab.

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