Excel 2007 lets you highlight a particular data point in a chart simply by pasting a picture on the data point. For example, suppose you want to highlight the support center with the highest ranking to date. After you create a line chart that charts each center and its corresponding customer satisfaction rating, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Insert tab.
  2. Select Clip Art.
  3. In the Clip Art Task pane, enter People in the Search For box.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Scroll to and click the Businesswoman clip art arrow and select Copy.
  6. Right-click any cell outside of your chart and select Paste.
  7. Resize the clip to about 1/2 inch square.
  8. Right-click the resized clip and select Cut.
  9. Click on your chart.
  10. Click on the Data Series line and then click on the highest customer satisfaction data point.
  11. Press [Ctrl]V.

Now the clip art pasted on the chart’s data point emphasizes the center with the top customer satisfaction rating.

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