Webtop 3.0 has been a controversial upgrade among many longtime Motorola Lapdock/Webtop users who were used to having a full Linux desktop version of Firefox and other features that seem to have disappeared with the ICS upgrade on their phones.

One common complaint is about manually managing the screen timeout. The problem is that you want a fairly quick timeout when using your device as a phone, but when it’s connected to the Lapdock, the quick timeout causes Webtop to shut down, and you can lose unsaved data in open documents. There’s no default setting in the OS to select one timeout period for the phone when undocked and another when the device is in a Lapdock.

I’ve personally been affected by this when working on a document in Documents To Go. When the screen times out and shuts down, Webtop shuts down and closes all active apps in the Webtop session. If there’s an unsaved file open in an app, the odds are that your work will be lost when you wake the device and it reloads Webtop.

Not all is lost, however. If you’re using a Motorola device like the Droid 4 that includes the Smart Actions app, you can set up a rule to change the Screen Timeout every time you dock the phone to your Lapdock. Follow the steps below to configure your device to avoid short screen timeout delays when using your smartphone as a productivity device.

  1. Open the Smart Actions app, and click the plus sign [+] in the top right corner (Figure A).
  2. Figure A

  3. Click Black rule (Figure B).
  4. Figure B

  5. In the field labeled Triggers, click the plus sign [+] (Figure C), and a window will appear with a list of triggers.
  6. Figure C

  7. Select Dock.
  8. When the new window appears, select Lapdock (Figure E).
  9. Figure E

  10. Click the plus sign [+] next to Actions (Figure F).
  11. Figure F

  12. Select Screen timeout (Figure G).
  13. Figure G

  14. Select the time you want your docked device to wait before timing out. I selected 10 minutes (Figure H).
  15. Figure H

  16. Name your rule, and click Save (Figure I).
  17. Figure I

You can edit your saved rule to add actions. For example, I’ve added a rule so that my Wi-Fi is also enabled whenever I connect my phone to my Lapdock (Figure J).
Figure J

When I remove the phone from the dock, the Wi-Fi is deactivated, and the timeout is returned to the default settings.