You can use a SQL statement to quickly summarize data in a
table. For example, suppose you need to create a report showing the total
number of hours each employee worked over a quarter. Follow these steps:

  1. Open
    the database containing the HoursWorked table
    for the quarter, then click Queries in the objects list in the database
  2. Click
    New, Design View and OK.
  3. Click
  4. Go to
    Query | SQL Specific | Data Definition.
  5. Enter
    the following statement:
    SELECT DISTINCTROW [HoursWorked].[Employee ID],
    SUM([Hours Worked].Hours) AS [Sum of Hours]
    FROM [Hours Worked]
    GROUP BY [Hours Worked].[Employee ID];
  6. Click

The results will show total hours worked grouped by Employee
ID. This query can be saved and used to create the quarterly report.

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