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Use srvinfo to gather details about remote Windows Server 2003 servers

Learn about srvinfo and get information on any Windows Server 2003 server in your network without leaving your chair.

There are tons of ways that you can get information from your remote servers. You can use Remote Desktop, walk up to each server, or use specific tools (such as the Services Control Panel applet) and individually attach to each server, to name a few. Or, you can use the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit tool named srvinfo to gather a wide variety of information from any server in your organization — remotely.

As with most Resource Kit utilities, there are a number of options you can specify to get only the information you want, or to add additional information that would otherwise not be displayed. For example, use the -ns parameter to suppress the display of every service running on the remote server.

The output below shows you the options that are available for use with srvinfo.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Resource Kits\Tools|srvinfo /?


Version 3.00.10


Remotely gather information about a target server.

Assume local machine if no computer name is provided.


Usage: SRVINFO [[-?|-ns|-d|-v|-s] \\computer_name]

  • -?: Show usage
  • -ns: Do NOT show any service information
  • -nf: Do NOT show any hotfix information
  • -r: Show service internal names
  • -d: Show service drivers and service
  • -v: Get version info for Exchange, IIS, SQL
  • -s: Show shares

For example, issuing the command svrinfo -ns -v \\e2007-8 will show information from the server named 2007-8 and will suppress the display of the remote server's services. It will display version information for Exchange, IIS, and SQL, if installed.

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