Perhaps the most frequently used method for moving from one sheet to another is the sheet tab — just click it and you’re there. A lesser-known mouse trick is to right-click the sheet navigation bar and choose the sheet you want.

But if you’re an efficient typist, you might prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard. In that case, use the following shortcuts:

Previous sheet: [Ctrl]+PgUp

Next sheet: [Ctrl]+PgDown

If you frequently use the sheet navigation bar to select sheets that are several sheets apart from one another, assign a range to an empty cell on both sheets and use [F5] (GoTo) instead. You’ll save yourself lots of clicks that way.

The Name Box (to the left of the formula bar) will select any cell, selection, or range, simply by entering the appropriate reference or choosing a range from the control’s drop-down list. It’s certainly handy, but you must use the mouse to access the control.