This is the year that customer relationship management (CRM) will truly take off. Need to know more about it? We’ve found four free online sites to help CIOs build up their CRM knowledge.

This article includes a synopsis of each site as well as links to help you connect. also focuses on CRM news and industry analysis.

Sponsored by NewsFactor Network, offers a 24-hour real-time news service that posts worldwide news in multiple languages. original content and republished articles are divided into these CRM categories:

  • ·        CRM
  • ·        Call centers
  • ·        Online/Interactive technology
  • ·        Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
  • ·        Customer loyalty
  • ·        Back- to front-office software integration

The site also offers sections that keep track of the positive and negative announcements made in the CRM industry. also sponsors a free e-mail newsletter. compiles original content and pairs that with republished articles about:

  • ·        CRM implementations
  • ·        CRM technology
  • ·        CRM basics
  • ·        Sales force automation
  • ·        CRM vendors’s topics range from general CRM product selection guidelines to the business merits of incorporating IP telephony into a CRM application. is part of the Network, which offers entry to real-time question and answer sessions with CRM experts and weekly e-mail newsletters. Membership is free.
Sometimes CIOs need to interact with other CIOs and IT professionals. If you are looking for interaction and support within the CRM community, turn to allows site visitors to pose CRM inquiries to any one of eight “gurus,” CRM consultants who specialize in different areas of CRM. (Bob Thompson, founder of his own CRM consultancy, Front Line Solutions, serves as the ninth guru.) also sponsors two free weekly newsletters, “CRM.Insight” and “CRM.Talk.” Both newsletters offer tips and information about the latest CRM issues.

Where do you go for CRM?

What is your preferred place to go for CRM information? Send us a note and tell us where and why.