It’s a sure bet that Microsoft’s .NET will be a hot topic in 2002. Perhaps the developers and network engineers in your IT department are already asking for .NET training.

Do you know what kind of training they will need, and if you do, do you have enough information about .NET to feel comfortable committing time and money to those training classes? Do you know how .NET might change the future of writing Web applications? If not, there’s no time like the present to start learning, and we can help.

TechRepublic columnist Tim Landgrave has followed Microsoft’s progress with .NET and, through his columns, has answered many questions CIOs have about the new platform.

We’ve put Landgrave’s expertise at your fingertips by collecting four of his .NET columns into one handy download.

In the download, you’ll find information on and advice about:

  • How Microsoft has shifted its education practices to concentrate on the architecture and development of .NET.
  • The development issues .NET can solve for businesses writing Windows applications.
  • The changes .NET will bring to writing applications for the Web.

For this and more information on .NET, download the report now.

Are you using .NET?

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