While the Chart Wizard makes it easy to create a 3-D chart
in Excel, sometimes the wizard’s chart is not as attractive as you would like.
The good news is, you don’t have to settle for the
wizard’s default view. You can adjust the view visually with a few simple mouse

For example, you create a 3-D bar chart with the wizard, and
you want to rotate it and adjust the angle to emphasize changes in the data. To
do so, follow these steps:

  1. Select
    the chart.
  2. Go to
    Chart | 3-D View.
  3. Click
    the up and down arrows to adjust the elevation view.
  4. To
    rotate the chart view, click the left and/or right rotation buttons.
  5. If you
    wish to adjust the perspective, clear the Right Angle axis check box, and
    click the up and down perspective arrows to adjust to the desired view.
  6. Click
    Apply when you obtain the desired view in the preview box.

If the result still isn’t what you want, you can always go
back to the default view by selecting the Default button in the 3-D View dialog
box and starting the process over again.

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