Inserting a hyperlink in Word 97 or Word 2000 documents is easy to do. Unfortunately, editing those hyperlinks is another story—unless you know the keyboard shortcut. Thanks to my colleague Mike Jackman for showing me this tip.

It’s all in how you press [F9]
To demonstrate this tip, let’s insert a hyperlink into a Word 97 document. To do so, you simply select the text you want to be “hot,” and then press [Ctrl]K or open the Insert menu and choose the Hyperlink option. When you do, the Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears, and you enter the URL as shown in Figure A.

Figure A
The Insert Hyperlink dialog box makes it easy to create a hyperlink in a Word document.

But how do you edit the hyperlink once you’ve created it? One way is to hold the mouse over the link and right click. Then choose the Hyperlink option, and finally the Edit Hyperlink option, as shown in Figure B. Then Word will reopen the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.

Figure B
To edit an existing hyperlink, you have to right click and make two menu picks.

Using the mouse to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box works, but it can be a pain when you’re editing long URLs because the dialog box limits the number of characters it displays at a time. If you don’t want to use the mouse to open the Insert Hyperlink dialog box—and if you want to see the entire URL at one time—try this keyboard approach:

  1. Press [Alt][F9] to open the existing hyperlinks for editing, as shown in Figure C.
  2. Make the changes to the URL.
  3. Press [F9] to make the changes “stick.”
  4. Press [Alt][F9] again to restore the hyperlinks.

Figure  C
Pressing [Alt][F9] opens the existing hyperlinks for editing within your document.

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