Word’s spell checker can help you cut down on spelling errors, but what if you type the word right, and it should be write? Until Word 2007, the spell checker would have ignored the error.

For those of us who consistently type to for too, there for their, or site for sight, Word 2007 has a new feature that not only checks for the correct spelling but also for the correct context. Follow these steps to activate the contextual spell checker:

1. Click the Office Button.

2. Click the Word Options button.

3. Click Proofing.

4. In the When Correcting Spelling And Grammar In Word section, select the Use Contextual Spelling check box.

5. Click OK.

If you type Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of there country, Word will underline there in blue. You can then right-click the word to select the correct spelling: their.

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