When you need to send the same letter to two or three people, retyping the inside address for each recipient is much easier than using mail merge. But without mail merge, you may think that you need to retype both the return address and the delivery address before printing the envelopes. Fortunately, Word has two special bookmarks you can use to address the envelopes without retyping. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the return address of the first letter you wish to send.
  2. Go to Insert | Bookmark.
  3. Type EnvelopeReturn in the Bookmark Name text box (Figure A) and click Add.

Figure A

  1. Select the delivery address.
  2. Go to Insert | Bookmark.
  3. Type EnvelopeAddress in the Bookmark name text box (Figure B) and click Add.

Figure B

  1. In Word 2003, go to Tools | Letters And Mailings and click on Envelopes & Labels. In Word 2007, click Mailings and then click Envelopes in the Create Group.
  2. Click Print to print the envelope.

Now you can go back to your letter, select the delivery address, and replace it with the delivery address for the next addressee. The new delivery address will automatically appear in the Envelope dialog box — no retyping required.

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