You don’t need Microsoft Excel to chart data in an existing
Excel file; you can simply import that data and chart it entirely in Microsoft Word.
Follow these steps:

  1. Put
    your cursor where you want your chart to appear in your Word document.
  2. Go
    to Insert | Picture | Chart.
  3. In
    the Graph’s Standard Toolbar, click the Import File button.
  4. Navigate
    to the folder that contains the Excel file you want to import, and
    double-click the file’s icon.
  5. Click
    the worksheet you want to import in the Select Sheet From
    Workbook list box.
  6. Click
    the range option and enter the cell range of the data you want to chart.(For example, if
    the data you want to chart is located in cells A3 through D7 of the Excel
    worksheet, enter A3:D7.)
  7. Click

The specified data will be plotted in the chart. You can now
make any format changes to the chart using Word’s Graph Standard toolbar.

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