I was browsing a report pertaining to Internet connectivity and came across the chart below, which plots respondents’ perception of their Internet performance. What got my attention was that I’d just written a short post on Comcast experimenting with other bandwidth throttling methods that do not specifically target peer-to-peer applications.

The argument from Comcast’s perspective is that throttling bandwidth is necessary due to the presence of bandwidth hogs. My question is: Are there such hogs lurking in your corporate network, sapping precious bandwidth and lowering the perception of Internet connectivity of everyone else?

What can you do to protect against flagrant abuse of your company’s Internet resources?

The above diagram is from page 5 of the source report. It is derived from a survey of 345 organizations in the UK with between 10 to 250 employees.

[Source: Soaring not surfing]


Quocirca is a research and analysis company that prides itself for being free from vendor bias. Its Web site notes that its reports are based purely on the analysis of the primary research it carries out by its team of analysts.