From keyboards to wireless controllers for motion-sensing, the means for interacting with machines is undergoing a deep change.

An excerpt from TechNewsWorld:

In one demonstration by 3DV Systems at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, users stood in front of a large screen and controlled a Windows computer with hand gestures: thumb left to go left, index finger right to go right, victory sign for Enter.

JVC, also known as “Victor Company of Japan,” demonstrated a prototype TV with controls based on the same idea: gestures and sounds like snaps and claps turn the set on or off, control volume or change the channel.

Using a physical device to convey commands is becoming unnecessary. GestureTek, Reactrix, and 3DV are few of the companies working on technologies that use human gestures to relay commands, many of which were on display at CES 2008.

The transition of these technologies from gaming devices to generic mobile devices will perhaps make a beginning this year.