Aberdeen Group survey data shows that a growing number of organizations are using Web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, social networking, etc.) to manage employee challenges, such as retention.


Web 2.0 software tools may help address the challenges of talent management (recruiting and employee development and retention), according to aggregate survey data collected by the Aberdeen Group.

The main elements that survey respondents associate with Web 2.0 tools are blogs, wikis, social networking, forums, and communities. Analysis from recent Aberdeen surveys includes the following information:

  • 45% planned growth rate in the use of “software that links to social networking sites (e.g., Facebook or LinkedIn) or other communities of practice.” (Source: Aberdeen’s July 2008 Benchmark Report)
  • 52% of the organizations who use specifically blogs, wikis, and social networking achieved Best-in-Class performance levels compared to only 5% of those who do not.
  • 18% average year-over-year improvement in employee engagement from organizations that use the tools in comparison to 1% for organizations that do not use them.
  • Respondents report that their organizations are using social networking to help build relationships throughout the organization (e.g., pairing new employees with a mentor). They also say their organizations are using Web 2.0 software tools for recruitment and employee development.

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Does your organization use Web 2.0 software tools?

If you’re using these tools in your organization, post to the discussion to let us know if you think they’re helping with recruiting and employee retention and development. If you aren’t, does your organization have plans to adopt Web 2.0 software tools for these purposes?