Being the Machiavellian genius that we all know I truly am, I’ve

reckoned on taking a week’s vacation right after Labor day, so I only

burn four paid days of off time. Okay, so it was my wife’s idea, but

I’m still a genius. Ask anyone who doesn’t know me.

Anyway, I’ll be off the grid for a full week, as this vacation is

actually intended to help me relax, and I never really relax when I

have e-mail access. There will be a beach involved, and some reading. I

bought two books for the trip today: Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson, and Iron Sunrise, by Charles Stross.

Reviews when I return on Sept. 12 (assuming I finish them). Until then,

play nice, and beam some good fortune down New Orleans’ way. They need


Trivia Geek out!