Instagram is fun. There are a million cool pictures to look at, but what happens when it’s your responsibility to contribute to that aesthetically pleasing pile on behalf of your brand? It’s not always easy to come up with content.

First up, there’s the behind the scenes photo. Give your followers a look at the things they can’t see that they might want to. Think of it like a sneak peek. That way they’re getting something they’re interested in, in return for following you. And along those lines, don’t be afraid of including pics of the folks who work at your company. It’s humanizing. And people relate to faces.

Second, show your product in use. There are few stronger endorsements than hey, this actually works. Also, your product in the wild will be so much more interesting than in a studio.

Third is crowd-sourced photos. This lends you authenticity since your customers are basically advocating for you, instead of you advocating for yourself. Be sure you’re monitoring who’s mentioning or tagging you on Instagram, and if there’s a pic you’d like to feature, ask permission to repost it. This will also push you to engage with Instagram users.

And fourth, don’t forget about photos that tell a story. Technically, every good photo tells a story, visually. But Microsoft takes it a step further and actually tells the story of cool people doing cool things with the hashtag do more. It’s a great way to connect with your audience.

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