VeohTVVeohTV, the latest offering from Veoh Networks, provides a browser that filters out all content but videos. Thus, it’s channeling all the video content on the Web. The move reflects how video-delivering companies are seeking to innovate, differentiate, and essentially chart out a unique user experience rather than just copy market leaders.

A quote from the article @ PC World:

Veoh describes the new VeohTV, which begins beta Thursday, as a “single interface to search, browse, and view all video on the Internet, from major television networks such as Fox and CBS, to independently-produced content available on sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and MySpace.”

Also, the business model is totally new with the videos being streamed form the sources rather than being relayed from Veoh’s servers. This is a pretty clever move to try to circumvent copyright litigations. The software will provide record-for-later features for all media.

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The beta is out, but it’s available only by invitation. While new firms strive to carve a niche for themselves in the online media space, take this poll on what you feel is missing from the offerings today.