Verizon Wireless announced collaborations with fiber-optic cable manufacturer Corning and enterprise resource planning firm SAP to bring 5G to workflows for managing factory floors and using internet of things (IoT)-gathered data for analytics in retail settings. The announcements were made on Wednesday at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles.

Corning is using Verizon’s millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G service at a fiber optic manufacturing facility in Hickory, NC to test factory automation and quality assurance. This includes using 5G-connected cameras to wirelessly track and inspect inventory, as well as using autonomous-guided vehicles to move parts around the factory floor.

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“Together, Verizon and Corning engineers expect to break new ground by identifying which 5G-enabled capabilities offer the most promise in a manufacturing environment,” said Dr. Claudio Mazzali, senior vice president of technology for Corning’s Optical Communications business segment, in a press release. Verizon uses Corning’s fiber-optic cables for delivering the backhaul connectivity for 5G base stations.

SAP is using Verizon’s ThingSpace platform alongside their own Leonardo IoT solution and Edge Services and analytics product to collect and analyze data for supply chain management. Together, the stack can “aggregate time series analysis contextualized with master data, geo-location and condition-based monitoring for outbound logistics business processes,” according to Verizon. This can be used to automatically send service calls to technicians.

“Our ability to integrate our ThingSpace platform into the SAP Cloud portfolio provides a secure and agile way to deliver instantaneous, end-to-end operational analytics at the edge while lowering the cost of IoT management,” said George Fischer, president, Global Enterprise, Verizon Business Group, in a press release.

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Image: iStockphoto/LHG