Verizon unveiled a new tool that will make it easier and cheaper for customer networks to connect with colocation data centers around the world.

The Software-Defined Interconnect (SDI) gives companies direct connectivity to 115 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers around the globe “within minutes,” according to a press release. All organizations need to utilize Verizon’s SDI is a Private IP network, and the tool is compatible with Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric.

Verizon created SDI to “make secure colocation and interconnection faster and easier for customers to implement, often at a significantly lower cost.”

For years, organizations have struggled to connect to colocation data centers through traditional means, but this is costly, complex and time-consuming.

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“SDI is an addition to our best-in-class software-defined suite of services that can deliver performance ‘at the edge’ and support real-time interactions for our customers,” said Vickie Lonker, vice president of product management and development for Verizon.

“Think about how many devices are connected to data centers, the amount of data generated, and then multiply that when 5G becomes ubiquitous. Enabling enterprises to virtually connect to Verizon’s private IP services by coupling our technology with the proven ECX Fabric makes it easy to provision and manage data-intensive network traffic near in real time, lifting a key barrier to digital transformation.”

Verizon claims they have been able to completely remove any need for physical connectivity by having the SDI use an automated API to “integrate pre-provisioned Verizon Private IP bandwidth via ECX Fabric.”

The communications giant runs nearly 5,000 networks as well as more than half a million network, hosting, and security devices throughout 150 countries.

“Verizon’s new Software Defined Interconnect addresses one of the leading issues for organizations by improving colocation access. This offer facilitates a reduction in network and connectivity costs for accessing colocation data centers, while promoting agility and innovation for enterprises,” IDC group vice president Courtney Munroe said.

“This represents a competitive advantage for Verizon as it applies SDN technology to improve interconnecting its Private IP MPLS network globally.”

Companies around the world are increasingly adopting some level of cloud services, and with the rise of cloud-delivered APIs, the cloud is rapidly becoming an inevitability, even for those resistant to cloud migration. Verizon said they had seen “high double-digit traffic growth year-over-year” because more organizations are trying to use complex cloud services for “greater efficiency, flexibility and additional functionality in data management.”

“With Software-Defined Interconnect, a key barrier to digital transformation has been lifted,” Bill Long, vice president of interconnection services at Equinix, said in a statement.

“By allowing enterprises to virtually connect to Verizon’s private IP services using the proven ECX Fabric, SDI makes secure colocation and interconnection easier – and more financially viable – to implement than ever before.”

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Image: iStockphoto/gorodenkoff