The new Verizon Connect Work Mobile app, announced via press release on Tuesday, could make it easier for field service workers to stay connected to their home office, even when they’re in an area with limited connectivity.

The app allows workers to maintain correspondence with their back office, and keep receiving important documents, updates, and notifications, even if they’re offline, according to the release. Conversely, the workers can still share photos, customer signatures, and more to keep their projects on track.

Visibility and communication can often suffer in areas of poor connectivity, but the Verizon Connect Work Mobile app could help improve those aspects of the job and improve overall productivity, the release said. Whether it’s a schedule change or job update, keeping communication lines open can make sure the job gets done on time.

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“The Work Mobile app helps make it easy to access and communicate job information to any smartphone without the need for paperwork or phone calls,” Erin Cave, vice president of product management at Verizon Connect, said in the release. “We’re delivering on our brand promise to guide a connected world on the go by giving customers the ability to plan more quickly and efficiently, and mobile workers benefit from the peace of mind that they’re able to stay connected even when they’re offline.”

Through its provided maps and jobs list, the app helps workers plan what they have to do each day and more efficiently reach their locations, the release noted. It also simplifies the process for taking notes on a job site, recording parts used, and more.

For those unfamiliar, Verizon Connect is the company’s fleet and mobile workforce management division. It focuses on safety, productivity, and efficiency, and first debuted in March.

The Verizon Connect Work Mobile app is available now. Interested businesses can download it from Google Play and the Apple App Store, as long as they have an active Verizon Connect Work subscription.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Verizon Connect has released a new app called Work Mobile, which makes it easier for field workers to connect with their home office even when they aren’t online.
  • The Verizon Connect Work Mobile app features a map and jobs list, improving efficiency and productivity for field workers.