Congratulations: You’ve ETS’ed and you’re headed back home with a DD 214 in your pocket. It’s time to start thinking about transitioning to the civilian world and using that GI Bill–but what if you don’t want to go to college?

The tech industry is booming, and it’s going to continue doing so as we march toward an ever more digital future. Learning to code is going to give you pretty good job prospects, and that GI Bill can help pay for a lot of the costs of getting training.

There are coding bootcamps that accept the GI Bill around the country. Many will even help you relocate if you aren’t nearby. Here’s a list of who takes the GI Bill, where they’re located, and what your GI Bill will get you.

Note: Any of the following websites that mention applying for VA benefits through VONAPP are out of date. VONAPP has been replaced by the new site, which is where you should go to apply for benefits.

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Coding Dojo

Location: Bellevue, WA

Coding Dojo is the latest bootcamp to begin accepting the GI Bill, and as such you won’t find any info about it on its website. That said, Coding Dojo is only accepting the GI Bill at its Bellevue location, but it can be used toward both tuition and living expenses for its 14-week resident bootcamp.

Turing School of Software and Design

Location: Denver

Using the GI Bill at Turing requires a full-time commitment for a seven-month program.

Cincy Code IT Bootcamps

Location: Cincinnati

This series of GI Bill-approved bootcamps in Cincinnati gives veterans several options to choose from. You can study to be a business software specialist, Java developer, PC support specialist, or .NET developer.

Deep Dive Coding

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Deep Dive’s Albuquerque courses are GI Bill eligible. You can find out more on its website.

Code Fellows

Location: Seattle

This Seattle-based program accepts the GI Bill for some of its programs, specifically the Foundations, Intermediate, and Advanced courses. If you’re completely new to the world of coding you may want to look elsewhere, or be prepared to pay for the basics course out of pocket.


Locations: Denver and Boulder, CO

Galvanize accepts the GI Bill at two of its Colorado locations, and only for its six-month, full-time web development program.

Code Immersives

Location: New York City

The GI Bill is accepted at the NYC-based program, but only for its 11-month web development program.

PDX Code Guild

Location: Portland, OR

A 16-week evening program or a 12-week daytime program are both options available to GI Bill students at this Portland coding bootcamp.


Location: Miami

This Miami school is another to offer a full-time web development program that accepts the GI Bill.

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Location: San Antonio

The GI Bill will reportedly cover up to 100% of Codeup’s programs. Codeup also gives $1,000 scholarships to veterans who show proof of service.

New Horizons Computer Learning Center

Location: US-wide

New Horizons isn’t a coding bootcamp, but it does offer GI Bill benefits for training up on certifications and other IT career prep courses. Going this route is ideal for those with a tech background who need additional training and certification, or those interested in an IT career that doesn’t involve coding.

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Location: Los Angeles

Sabio’s coding program in LA accepts the GI Bill, but with one catch: You have to be enrolled in a Sabio program at Antioch University’s Los Angeles location.

Nashville Software School

Location: Nashville, TN

NSS offers GI Bill benefits and accelerated six-month programs–great for those who don’t want to spend a year learning to code.

Skill Distillery

Location: Greenwood, CO

Offering a 100% GI Bill covered Java programming course, Skill Distillery says its program will prepare participants to take the Oracle Certified Associate Java Developer test.

Training Camp

Location: Bushkill, PA

The Pennsylvania branch of Training Camp is certified to accept the GI Bill for a variety of its courses and programs.

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