What could be better than a Star Wars nativity scene (made out of Legos)? A Star Wars nativity song (not made out of Legos).

Filker Vic Mignogna has taken the mildly maudlin Christmas song “Mary Did You Know?” and applied its son-and-savior themes to another famous prodigal progeny, Luke Skywalker and his angsty-cum-homicidal dad, Darth Vader.

And for those wondering how to find a Lego Star Wars nativity scene, the answer is simple. Just like the Three Wise Men, you just look to the skies and follow the Lego Christmas Star (Destroyer). Think of it as a giant flying Christmas tree decorated with festive turbolasers, Tie Fighter squadrons, and topped with a golden Corellian Corvette fleeing with stolen plans for the Death Star. Truly, no holiday could be merrier.

Merry Geeksmas!

(Legos found via SFSignal and Geekdad.)