At CES 2009, Asus unveiled the new Eee PC T91. The latest Eee model has a touch-sensitive, rotating display that you can spin 180 degrees and fold down, much like a tablet PC. The 8.9-inch display is also touch sensitive and works with a stylus or finger. The 2.1-pound T91 is powered by an Intel Z520 Atom processor and comes with a built-in TV tuner and GPS. The new Eee PC will be available around March 2009, and although pricing hasn’t been confirmed the unit will likely to be around $399. For individuals and business considering netbooks, the Eee PC T91 is one to watch.

I haven’t had a chance to really put the T91 through its paces, but it certainly offers a lot of features for a nice price. For me, the keyboard size and screen resolution are the big questions. If the keyboard is a comfortable size and the screen supports a standard resolution, the Eee PC T91 become my new traveling machine.