Social networking sites milk a lot of repeat visits from users who come back frequently to check the activity of friends. However, because these sites appeal to habitual Web surfers they can also drive some users toward clinical Internet Addiction, which can have serious effects on the personal lives of users and take a major toll on worker productivity.

For those IT departments that have an official policy of monitoring user behavior and habits, you should be aware of some of the symptoms to look for in users who manifest Internet Addiction. The video below features my CNET colleague Natali Del Conte on the CBS Early Show explaining what to watch for with Internet Addiction and providing some preemptive tips to avoid it.

You can also catch Del Conte on last week’s episode of Cranky Geeks, where she disputes a variety of tech topics with John C. Dvorak and other geek guests, plus she hosts a regular recap of tech news called Loaded on CNET TV.

[Disclaimer: CBS is in the process of acquiring CNET Networks, the parent company of TechRepublic]