I have read a lot over the past few weeks concerning video and podcasts on Techrepublic and I have found it to be very interesting reading. Podcasts and video have a place on Techrepublic. Of course, some people do not like them and they are allowed to have an opinion. Let’s all not forget that this is a site that is dedicated to all things IT. Technology is changing all the time. We should embrace new ways of communicating without giving up the old ways as well.

Podcasts and videos have a place. While I can see a need for having a written transcript for podcasts along with a post, this is not possible at all times. Just the other day, I recorded a podcast as I was walking through Best Buy poking fun at the computers they had for sale. If I post it, I do not plan on posting it with a transcript. I know many people who love podcasts and have the capability to listen to them. I have also read things such as I do not own an i-pod (mp3 device) or have speakers or fast download times. These are some limitations of podcasts but many people do prefer them over written articles. Now, I am not saying that I am giving up on the written word because it will NEVER happen. I LOVE the written word but I want to add value to the written word by mixing it up now and again.

Also, I know at least 984 people have downloaded my video blog on Creating an RSS feed in Windows Vista. Our world is mostly audio and visual. This is why the TV is so popular. If I and Techrepublic can find a way to blend technology through articles, podcasts, videos, etc, to connect with different people who process information in a variety of ways, why not try?