As any regular reader of Geek Trivia knows, I’m a big fan of the space program, the Apollo moon landings in particular. Which, by inference, means that I actually believe the Apollo moon landings really happened. For those of you who insist on perpetuating the absurd conspiracy theory that NASA faked the moon landings, I refer you to two resources:

The first is the infamously estimable Phil Plait, he of, who has done us all the service of confronting and defrocking Apollo-deniers of all stripes, often on national radio.

The second is this video of Apollo astronaut and official second-person-in-human-history-to-walk-on-the-moon, Buzz Aldrin, who responds to rude and threatening Apollo-bashers in the only reasonable fashion–by punching them in the face! The video is priceless, and the brief audio snippet confirms that the jerkwad in question totally deserved it. Even if you don’t believe Apollo really happened, there’s no way you get off calling a Korean War veteran who flew over 60 combat air missions “a coward.”

Wikipedia has a nice snippet on the video incident, which occured on Sept. 9, 2002. The guy Aldrin cold-cocked is Bart Sibrel, a vocal proponent of Apollo-hoax theories with a less than spotless reputation. Still, that didn’t stop Sibrel from playing a role in a Fox Television special, Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?

I’d have punched the guy for the TV show alone.