In my previous IT Dojo post, “Crusher destroys hard drives in seconds”, I featured a video of a commercial device that destroys hard drives in about 75 seconds. If you want to erase the data in under 10 seconds, then a degaussing machine might be a better option.

According to Data Devices International, the HD-3W High Energy Pulse Degausser is “high energy, DC capacitive discharge degausser capable of erasing hard drives and high-coercivity tape media in under 10 seconds.” The HD-3W can erase data from hard drives and several tape formats (LTO, SuperDLT, DLT, 9940, 3592, and others). The HD-3W is $8,975, but the price climbs to just over $11,000 when you add a 3-year warranty, a shipping/carrying case, and shipping charges (sales tax will add even more).

If the HD-3W is more than you need or can afford, the company makes cheaper degaussing devices such as the Model 1100 Portable Hard Drive Degaussing Wand ($649.50) and HD-1 hard Disk Drive Degausser ($2,875).