Our Head Technology Editor Bill Detwiler found a great CBS News.com video about last month’s E3 event that he thought the Geekend audience would enjoy. Thanks, Bill!

In the video, Daniel Sieberg and Natali Del Conte report from the GameSpot stage at E3 about the big breakthroughs and the latest trends in gaming technology. And, of course, they feature some of the attendees who dressed up (or perhaps down?) for the event. Here are highlights from the video.

Gaming trends and beyond

Attendance at E3 is up: 70,000 (in 2005), 6,000 (in 2008), and 41,000 (in 2009)
Economic bright spot: Overall, the gaming industry appears to be holding up well in the recession. In 2008, the gaming industry pulled in close to $12 billion.
One of the hottest trends: Interactive gaming (e.g., Project Natal)
Battle of the sexes: When it comes to games geared toward men or women, the lines appear to be blurring.

Input from industry experts

Dan Hsu on Nintendo: “Nintendo, actually, I think had one of their best showings at E3 in quite a long time.”
Mike Snyder on Sony: “Software wise, Sony is really ahead of everyone else.”
Chris Morris on Microsoft: “It [Project Natal] could be a game changer for Microsoft because it gives them access to the casual audience that they don’t have right now. This actually has the potential to take it beyond gaming.”
Ricardo Torres on E3: The GameSpot Editor in Chief says one game that stood out for him is God of War 3. When asked about gaming trends overall, he says, “Everybody is trying to figure out how you get that mainstream player who hasn’t necessarily going to go out and wait in line for a game.”

The stars came out to play

The video features brief interviews with Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg, soccer icon Pele, and Olympic gold medalist Misty May. Also, NCIS actors Sean Murray and Brian Dietzen get to test out several new games, including Modern Warfare 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band.

More E3 2009 coverage

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Poll: Are you scaling back on gaming purchases?

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