Disabling unnecessary Windows Server 2003 services can strengthen your server security. Unfortunately, there are over 100 services to consider. In this IT Dojo video, I show you how to disable Windows Server 2003 services and discuss the following five services that you may want to turn off:

1. ERSvc – Error Reporting Service

2. HidServ – Human Interface Device Access

3. IsmServ – Intersite Messaging

4. ScardSvr – Smart Card Access

5. LMHosts – TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

The five services I mention in this video are just the beginning. Our download, “Windows Server 2003 services that can be disabled,” contains a complete list of Windows Server 2003 services that can be disabled. This reference sheet lists each service, describes its function, specifies whether you can safely disable the service, and outlines the ramifications of doing so. The spreadsheet also lists each service’s default configuration for specific server roles–domain controller, DHCP server, File server, mail server, and so forth.

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