Welcome to the first episode of TechRepublic’s new weekly video show, Sanity Savers for IT Executives. This show will provide actionable tips for CIOs, IT directors, and other senior IT leaders to help them become more effective leaders, make good technology decisions, align IT and business goals, and better manage their teams of IT professionals. We’ll also provide tips aimed new IT at leaders to help them get a jump on the path to success.

The inaugural episode is about your career goals. For many IT professionals, the ultimate job in technology is Chief Information Officer (CIO), but do you really know what a CIO does? This show looks at what the CIO job involves and provides five warning signs that you may not be cut out to be a CIO. This isn’t meant to kill your enthusiasm about the CIO job, but to help you avoid it if it’s not the best career path for you.

For many IT pros, a senior-level leadership position in the IT department doesn’t have to mean CIO. Some may find that the best fit could be Director of Software Engineering, Director of Network Operations, etc.

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