Rootkits are a serious threat. Rootkit-based botnets unleash seas of spam, and the most dangerous rootkits allow attackers to steal corporate and individual financial information.

In this IT Dojo video, I cover the following five things you should know about rootkits in order to keep your network safe and malware free:

  1. Rootkits are a collection of programs that can give someone root or admin-level access.
  2. Rootkits can’t propagate by themselves.
  3. Rootkits come in several varieties.
  4. Rootkits are difficult to detect.
  5. Ease of removal often depends on the type of rootkit.

For those of you who prefer text to video, you can go to the video player page for this IT Dojo episode and click “See Full Transcript,” or you can also read Michael Kassner’s original post, “10+ things you should know about rootkits”, on which this video is based.

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