If you’re not working with virtualization today, you likely will be. Whether it’s through consolidating a data center, deploying software appliances or streaming applications, virtualization will bring dramatic change to IT over the next decade.

In last week’s Sanity Savers for IT Executives episode, Jason Hiner outlined several big-picture virtualization principles that IT executives should understand. In this IT Dojo video, l take a more tactical approach and discuss the following five things you should know before going too deep down the virtualization rabbit hole:

  1. Virtualization is more than just VMWare.
  2. Check the licensing requirements first.
  3. 64 bits are better than 32.
  4. Virtual appliances rock!
  5. Virtualization can increase security

For those of you who prefer text to video, you can go to the video player page for this IT Dojo episode and click “Full Transcipt,” or you can download Deb Shinder’s list of, “20 things you should know about virtualization”–the basis for this video.

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