A group of cynically snarky dot-com burnouts skewer the Facebook/YouTube/Digg hype with a low-fi parody of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” It isn’t great art, but it is great commentary.

I honestly don’t get Facebook. I’ll admit to being an occasional Twitter user, but I certainly don’t think it’s a world-changing uber-app worth billions. YouTube may be a killer app for the moment–so long as we’re willing to settle to for the low-quality video stream available on the Web presently–but only if they get their content and content-rights issues sorted out. Digg is already past its prime, just like slashdot and Fark before it.

What baffles me is how few people seem to notice the parallels between Facebook and, say, Pets.com. Both were set to “change the world,” but no one was exactly sure how. Now, one is dead and the other is presently valued at $15 billion. We’ll see how it turns out. Just remember, in that space on everyone’s Web page where it says Add to Facebook, there used to be a widget that said Digg this and before that, it said Add to del.icio.us. This too shall pass.