Kentucky State Rep. Martha Jane King has focused her political career on building bridges between the government and corporations–particularly through their mutual need for technology.

Last year, King spearheaded a special committee that zeros in on this topic. In June 2015, she was appointed head of the House Special Committee on Advanced Communications and Information Technology. Shortly thereafter, the committee’s first meeting revolved around KentuckyWired, an initiative for bringing “high-speed, high-capacity fiber networks” throughout Kentucky.

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TechRepublic recently spoke to King about how the government and businesses can link up to capitalize on technology. “I think we can work together and do a lot of great things,” King said.

The private sector has already done a great job harnessing technology, King said, but she wants the state to get involved.

“Tom Wheeler of the FCC just said the other day, ‘Hey, how do we stop all these robocalls?’ So he got all the [phone] carriers together and said, ‘Let’s try to work together and stop them,'” said King. “To me, those are the kind of things we need to do.”

“We owe it to the people of Kentucky to do the best job we can,” said King, “and technology plays a large part in that.”

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