Video: How to lose friends and influence on Twitter

There are a few sure-fire ways to scare off Twitter followers. Check yourself before folks flee.

As a brand, once you've got Twitter followers, you've got to keep them. In this video, we'll hit some of the best ways to lose followers and lose influence through bad habits like tweeting too much, not enough, or coming off like a robot- or as Gartner's Jennifer Polk said, anything that "screams automation" will be a turnoff for followers. Here's how to lose followers in four easy steps.

First off, self promote. A lot. A great way to watch those follower numbers dwindle is to talk about nothing but your brand or product. Don't expect folks to hang around for a one-sided conversation.

Second, junk up people's newsfeeds. This is a fun one because you can do it in so many ways. You can tweet too much, retweet too much. You can live tweet an event without warning or mercy. And if you really want to lose 'em quick, endless Foursquare check ins and Klout scores are some of the best ways to do it.

Third, no one likes a lurker. The flip side to tweeting too much, is tweeting too little and just hanging out... watching and never joining the conversation.

And fourth, talk about things no one cares about. Going off topic is fine, maybe a few times a week. A good rule of thumb for many things is just not to over do it.

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