With Windows Vista’s traumatic launch still fresh in the minds of many, the last thing IT pros want to talk about is rolling out Windows 7. And, it seems Microsoft doesn’t want to talk about its next Windows version either.In this video, ZDNet Editor in Chief Larry Dignan talks with blogger colleagues Mary Jo Foley, editor of All about Microsoft, and Ed Bott, editor of Microsoft Report, about the road map for Windows 7, including feature sets, timelines, partners, OEMs, and marketing. They also discuss Microsoft’s unusual silence regarding the operating system.

The beta for the new operating system is due in late 2008. And, the bloggers predict that Windows 7 will launch earlier than 2010, its anticipated release date. Bott even started a pool for release date predictions.

What features would you add to Windows 7?

Microsoft has said precious little about Windows 7’s features. Windows watchers across the Internet speculate which features Microsoft will keep or cut in Windows 7. According to the INQUIRER, DirectX 11 is out, but native support for diskless PCs and better integration with Ethernet storage are in. News.com’s Ina Fried even interviewed Steven Sinofsky, Microsoft’s new Windows chief, on what we can expect from Windows 7. Unfortunately, Sinofsky offered little, if any, real insight.

If you had any influence over the development of Windows 7, what features would be must-haves?