Hot on the heels of our report on’s software unlocking of the iPhone — and witnessed by an editor of Engadget — comes the news of another successful software unlocking solution.

In the just-released video, John McLaughlin, the founder of Uniquephones, is seen unlocking the iPhone using software from his company. According to a report by Network World, it would appear that both parties actually claimed to have developed a software-only unlocking method on the same day, but that is probably just so much academic news by now.

It seems that McLaughlin is still undecided whether he will distribute the software, given that he received a phone call from a representative of O’Melveny & Myers, an international law firm calling on AT&T’s behalf. In it, the caller said would be in violation of copyright infringement and of distributing Apple’s intellectual property if he began selling the software to iPhone subscribers.

Still, McLaughlin created the video — shot at his house using a Nokia N95 — to silence naysayers that his company has unlocked the iPhone. McLaughlin’s concern about legal repercussions, as expressed in his blog, appears to mirror that of the team from Do you think that AT&T and Apple will really take legal action?