Okay, so what we’ve got here is the closest any mortal contemporary human being is going to get to owning an actual astromech droid: Nikko’s limited edition R2-D2 HD projector-bot, complete with Millennium Falcon uber-remote. This video will make you want it more than food, shelter, and broadband.

For a mere $2,995.00 (plus shipping) you get a two-foot-tall remote controlled robot that includes all these features:

  • Picture by DLP from Texas Instruments
  • Project to ceilings and walls up to a 260-inch picture
  • Resolution: 1024×768
  • Contrast Ratio: 1800:1
  • Lumens: 1500
  • Built-in CD/DVD player. Also plays MP3/MP4 video
  • iPod docking station, memory card and USB slots
  • Built-in 20 watt stereo speaker system
  • FM wireless audio out (channels 1 through 7)
  • Full-function: forward, reverse turn 360 degrees and recline
  • Millennium Falcon remote control with removable stand
  • Head turns using Millennium Falcon remote control
  • Plays the most popular R2-D2 sound effects
  • 1 year hardware manufacturer warranty
  • 180 day projection lamp manufacturer warranty

…all in the shape of R2-D2. In a word: WANT!!!

(Found via SFSignal.)