Smartphones are becoming a standard tool for many of today’s knowledge workers and IT professionals. However, the number of smartphone choices on the market is exploding. We’d like to help IT leaders pinpoint the top smartphones for workers who are looking for serious productivity. This episode of CIO Sanity Savers counts down 2009’s five best smartphones for businesses.

If you prefer reading text to watching video, please click the “Transcript” link underneath the video. Below the video window you’ll also find links for more information about the top five smartphones that made the list.

Here are links to read more about each of the top five:

  1. BlackBerry Tour
  2. Apple iPhone 3GS
  3. Palm Pre
  4. HTC Touch Pro2
  5. Nokia E71

Some of you may ask why the Motorola Droid didn’t make the list. After all, it’s a new smartphone that has received excellent reviews and is made to be very business-friendly. The reason is simple: It’s still too new at this point. We’d like to see it get adopted by some business users and hear their thoughts on how well the Droid integrates into business. However, an upcoming episode of CIO Sanity Savers will examine the Droid as a business device and report on TechRepublic’s perspective of it.